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Labor Law is part of our everyday life as employees or employers on the job market. At some point we all have questions with respect to the rights and obligations regarding salary, sick leave, pension, vacation, job safety, termination and so on. Labor law regulations in Curacao have their pitfalls. Having expert legal assistance from the beginning to the termination of an employment relationship is therefore a must to minimize stress, loss of precious time and expenses. As an attorney specialized in Curacao labor law I assist both employers and employees throughout the employment process.
This website has general and actual information with regard to Curacao labor law to answer the basic frequently asked questions on local labor law. Articles on more complicated labor law issues will be posted regularly. For further personalized assistance or comments do not hesitate to contact me at darlene.piar@hbnlaw.com or use the message board.

Amendments in the old-age pension scheme

The ā€œLandsverordening Algemene Ouderdomsverzekeringā€ (National Ordinance on General Old-Age Pension Insurance), hereinafter referred to as the AOV scheme (state old-age pension scheme), was changed on March 1st 2013. This amendment comprises an increase in the pensionable age (the retirement age) from 60 to 65 years. Employers have questions about the consequences and possible solutions. The changes are listed below, indicating matters an employer should take into account and possible solutions.